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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT DAWNGUARD DLC: Due to a bug introduced by the Dawnguard DLC, many Skyrim mods that involve custom conversations (including this one) are now suffering from a series of issues as detailed in here. This appears to only affect savegames that did not have prior activation of the mod (but not savegames that already have the mod activated). The workaround would be to save the game with the mod loaded and then reload this new save.

This is a mod (Download) that features a collection of utility devices that are designed to add more flavour to the dungeon-crawling experience. These devices are all accessed through a collection of custom spells that are made available through a new location that can be accessed through a special book in the Arcanaeum of the Winterhold College (it's very hard to miss this book). As of the latest release (1.3), they include:

Spell-casting traps: Devices that fire spells upon trigger. They can each be told to store an "aimed" spell, which they can use to devastating efficiency.

Teleportation nodes: Inter-connected devices that can transport the player and NPC's to anywhere in Skyrim - Be it the High Heavens or Maven Blackbriar's bed.

Summoning Node: Devices that can store and summon pre-determined NPC's to guard a location.

Additional Features: A few custom spells are also included into the mix.

Future updates may include:
  • - New enemy factions that use features of this mod
  • - New spells
  • - Maybe a questline

Important note: Forced resets of cell buffer will delete all devices (permanent or not) and may cause issues with characters summoned to the affected cells. As a result, "pcb" and related console commands should be used with discretion.


  • Version 1.3 - Spell Traps and Summoning Nodes can now be directly used for encounter scripting and dungeon design. Sorry, no new player features in this update!