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To use this mod. Pick up the two Spell Tomes "Teleport" and "Summon Teleporter" in College of Winterhold's Arcanaeum. They are placed on top of the front desk where the orc usually sits.

How does it work?

The player can place a total of 9 teleporters (a.k.a. "teleportation nodes") in the game world through the "Summon Teleporter" spell. Each teleporter can be set to have another teleporter as a destination. And when the PC or an NPC steps onto the teleporter, he will be transported at that set destination.

The destination of a teleporter is dynamic and can be changed at any time. Similarly, teleporters can be deleted and replaced to suit the player's purpose.

In addition to being simple devices to transport characters from one place to another, teleporters are also "nodes" in the teleportation system. The player can teleport to any placed teleporters using the "Teleport" spell.

Practical Use

There are many ways to make good use of these devices. For example, the player can place 1 instance at home and 4 instances in at his favourite stores that lead back to the one at his home. He can then place a few at current quest givers and leave 1 slot open for on-the-fly teleportation back to home (which can always be deleted later on).

If the player requires reinforcement to beat a boss, he can also place one in the boss location, another in a city's barracks, and then drag all the nearby guards in with the "Singularity" spell. Alternatively, the player can also do things the other way around by teleporting the boss to a barrack filled with sleeping guards.

If the player is on the verge of finishing the main quest, it's also a good idea to leave a Teleporter in Sovngarde, since it's a beautiful place for repeated sight-seeing (and which the game does not let the player back into post-departure).

Known Issues

As with the Summoning Node interface, there is currently a number of short-comings in terms of textual display - largely a result of the limitations imposed by Skyrim's development toolkit. The "Show Info" option roughly shows the locations of each Teleporter but does not present them in an elegant manner because formating the text and showing proper location names are things that require a great deal of "wizardry" (and some of which are currently impossible to do - hard to believe as it is).

Also, one'd notice that "9" is a magic number because a single level of interface permits a total of 10 options. Without using cumbersome layers of message boxes, 9 is basically the optimal number to use for indexed entities.